Frequency Listings for PROBE Users

This section is where I will post PROBE dbf files for you to download and enjoy. Feel free to send any PROBE dbf files for others to use. To use the files create a new Group with PROBE and unzip into that directory. Steve Hancock (N3FWE)

  1. Cape Cod, Ma Frequencies - Scott Halligan - KC1UA

  2. Some common Business frequencies.

  3. US Maritime frequencies

  4. Some common military air frequencies. Updated 8/17/97

  5. Some common civilian air frequencies.

  6. Frequencies for Linn/Polk/Lane area, OR - Brian Varine

  7. Frequencies for St. Lawrence County, NY - Andy Van Duyne, N2PSL

  8. Frequencies for Pottawatomie, Riley, and Shawnee County, Kansas - John Wigton

  9. Frequencies for St. Louis Area - Blaine Brooks

  10. Federal/State frequencies - Blaine Brooks<

  11. Frequencies for York, Pa.

  12. Frequencies for Dayton Hamfest Area - Dave Marshall (AOSC), N8OAY

  13. Frequencies for the Blue Angles and the Thunderbirds.

  14. Federal Bug Frequencies

  15. Federal Protection Agency

  16. Federal Transporation Agencies

  17. Nation Weather Watch Frequencies

  18. Amateur radio frequencies for VHF/UHF - Barry, KC7CAL

  19. Frequencies for Winnebago County,IL and Rock County,WI - Ed Vanderbosch, N9ZRB

  20. Your files you send me go here.

Under FCC rules, it is illegal to listen to certain frequencies and at no time may you rebroadcast anything that is heard over the airwaves. While a frequency may be listed here, it is not an indication that it is legal to monitor that frequency. That is the responsibility of the listener. In no event shall "The Monitoring Post" accept liability for others' illegal use of or application of frequencies listed here. If any aspect or use of these frequencies is unlawful in your city, county, state, country or other jurisdiction, you must immediately discontinue its use.