This is review I wrote on the OptoScan 456 last year.

Optoscan 456 review. Last month I took a trip to Lancaster to the National NE scanning convention. While I was there I picked up the OptoScan 456 by Optoelectronics and Probe software by Datafile. For users who dont know the OptoScan 456 is a board that goes into your Pro-2006 scanner that lets you control the functions by computer. It is a board that goes inside the Pro-2006 that gives the scanner a serial port and automatic control of a tape recorder. It also has a CI-V connection which you can hook the Scout frequency counter too which will automatic tune your Pro-2006 to the received frequency from the counter. It provides the same frequency range as the Pro-2006 including 800 mhz range. It also decodes CTCSS,DCS,DTMF tones. All freqencies you scan search are saved in a file on your hard drive which makes it very easy to manage. When the board is not activited you can still use your Pro-2006 in the normal way. While the board is activited you have no readout to let you know the board is in operation. The board comes with a year warrenty. Installing the board took me about 2 hours to do. You need to remove the power supply, battery holder and clip to installed the board. There are only two solder connections that need to be done. The board fits in around the power supply and other boards. The only problem I had was that the board was a tight fit. The battery holder is replaced by the serial and tape recorder remote connections which provides the hook up to your computer. If you are not afraid to take apart your scanner you should be able to install the board. I prefer purchasing the OptoScan 456 over the CE-232 because I want the CTCSS/DTMF/DCS decoding. The CE-232 is a kit you need to build which requires more time. Both units may be installed in the same scanner.