Hints and Tips for the Pro-2006

This section is for Hints and Tips for the Pro-2006 scanner. If you have any good tips or hints send them to me. If I post them I will give you credit for the tip. Steve Hancock (N3FWE)

  1. When setting up your banks on the Pro-2006 try setting them in a pattern. I like to set them up by agencies. One for police, fire, etc. Some like to set them by area or regions. What ever method you use keeping them organized will make your scanning a lot easier. Also keep a bank free for your unknown frequencies.

  2. If you have one or more important frequencies program them in more than one bank. By doing this you stand better chance of not missing anything. This way you can switch out banks to focus your attention on another bank that currently has some action and still catch the traffic on your favorite frequency.

  3. I use the priority feature programed to my local weather frequency which I keep lockout. When I want to listen to the weather I just push the priority button and press it again to resume scanning. You now have a instance weather button.

  4. One of the disadvantages of the Pro-2006 over the Pro-2004 it doesn't have a metal case. You can give the Pro-2006 better shielding by spraying the underside of the case with special paint to reduce interference to the scanner. The paint is available in electronics stores and ads in scanning magazines. I havent tried it but I have heard of some users using crome automobile paint to do the same thing.

    Once soure for the RFI Coating was mention in Feb 95 Monitoring Times
    Its called RFI822. Cost is $27.00 plus $4.95 S/H

    Radio Accessories
    PO Box 168
    Melvin Village, NH 03850

  5. I use a 12 volt 5 amp hour rechargeable camcorder battery to power my Pro-2006 when the power goes off. Its came in handy a number of times.- Ray Carter, York, Pa.

  6. Tom suggests using a cable TV amplifier if you live in a remote area. Living in a city would give too much intermod.They amplify up to the 900 mhz band. All you need is an adapter to convert the cable plug to a BNC connection. - Tom Turner, VO1TV, St. John's

  7. If you are receiving a birdie on a frequency you normally listen to try programing that frequency plus or minus 5 khz. Example a birdie is coming accross 155.625 a local police frequency try programing the frequency 155.620 or 155.630. This may be enough to get rid of the birdie and you may still receive your desired frequency.

  8. If your assignments of channels to a particular bank do not fill it up, repeat those channels in the vacant slots until all are assigned. This will allow better scanning within that bank. You can always reassign the duplicated channels later if they are needed. - Perry Crabill, Winchester, VA

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