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  • New product coming out called the "Comcounter" from Optoelectronics was announced at Dayton.  This is a plug-in board that makes use of Optocom's bus port.   With the supplied software,it will capture and display the frequency and tones of the nearby signals.  It will work without the software in mobile use without being interface to the computer.  It works similar to the Optoelectronics's "Scout Reaction Tuning".   Take a look at the Comcounter  and the Comcounter installed in the Optocom 

  • Scanstar upgrade that allows decoding of the control channel  of Motorola, EDACS trunking systems.  EDACS requires 1.5 and Motorola requires 1.4 versions of Optocom firmware.
  • New version of Optocom "Utility"software available from Optoelectronics.

  • New "Bitbanger" upgrade for the Optocom.  This will allow high speed FSK decoding of digital signals. 

  • New product called the "Multicounter" from Optoelectronics that displays frequency, CTCSS, DCS, DTMF and LTR.  This unit will "Reaction Tune" with the Optocom.

  • Trunk Trac software from SyntheComm, Inc for Motorola Trunking Tracking.  This is a "Optocom only" version

  • PROBE from Datafile for conventional scanning using Optocom's "native" mode.

  • ETrax software from AMComm for EDACS Trunk Tracking