Welcome to the Optocom Home Page.  After running the Pro-2006 Home Page for a few years I have received several requests to do web pages for other scanners.  I have held off until now because I consider no other scanner unique like the Pro-2006.  Recently with the introduction of the Optocom,  there is a scanner that has the chance to become the next classic.  I hope to help it along with this web page.  It will be similar to the Pro-2006 page, a resource of information, software, hardware, mods all in one central location. 

So please send along your and knowledge of new software, hardware, mods, etc. 
Thank-you for making the Pro-2006 Page so popular and hopefully we can do the same for the Optocom.

Steve Hancock

  • 12/19/99 - New version 2.4 of the Optocom's control program is now availble.
  • 10/23/99 - The Optocom Comcounter is now available!  The unit  uses a special antenna that plugs into the tape jack.    Check out Optoelectronics link for more information.
  • 8/23/99 - Added review of E-Trax software by Rich Carlson.