The Optocom is a new communications receiver from Optoelectronics. It is a computer control scanner consisting of a modified verison of the popular Optoscan OS-535 interface and a triple conversion receiver manufactured by GRE orginally introduced in Radio Shack's Pro-2035/2042 receivers. The OptoScan interface is the best computer - scanner interface on the market period! Others can't touch the power of this interface. Optoelectronics makes available the programming code for 3rd party developers which has made the Optoscan 456 and 535 interfaces very popular.

The Optocom is capable of working with Motorola, EDACS and LTR systems.  What is equally important to note is it make for an excellent receiver that can be used for conventional scanning.  The Optocom will work with current software written for the OptoScan interface using the Optocom's "OS535 Emulation"mode.  Other software programs are available for trunking and conventional scanning and they take advantage of the Optocom's "native" mode.

 Front View  - Rear View - Internal View


  • Frequency Range - 25-520 Mhz, 760-1300 Mhz (less cellular)
  • Decode CTCSS, DCS, LTR, DTMF and Motorola talk group IDs
  • "Pipeline tuning" with up speeds of 100 channels per second.
  • Built-in data slicer for decoding of FSK applications
  • Dedicated decoder plug in bus for third-party applications
  • Uploading of up to 100 frequencies for scanning without the computer
  • Works with the following systems: Motorola 400 Mhz, 500 Mhz, 800 Mhz and 900 Mhz systems, GE / Ericsson EDACS systems and LTR systems.
  • "Reaction Tune"  with "Scout" or "Mulitcounter" frequency counters