Note I have made a speed comparison chart of Probe 2.0 against the other OptoScan software out there. Probe has the fastest scanning speed of any of the OptoScan software titles. I made a chart so you can see the differences. To get the results I tried to achieve the fasting scanning speed of each software by playing with its settings. I made the test on a 486/100 using the OptoScan 456 with the Pro-2006 scanner. Some of the tests were made using the companies demo's. Your results may vary depending your computer hardware and OptoScan hardware.
...Steve Hancock, N3FWE

Probe 2.0 Speed Comparsion Chart
OptoScan Titles Speed in Channels per Second
Probe 2.0 for Dos 59 cps
ScanStar for Windows 5.84 39 cps
ScanStar Commerical for Dos 4.40 34 cps
CCC-ScanSys 1.17 for Dos 20 cps
ScanWear 2.0 for Windows 16 cps
Radio Manager 3.0 for Windows 14 cps
Scancat Gold for Windows 11 cps
Scancat Gold 6.0 for Dos 10 cps

Note With the hundreds of channels todays software can provide for the scannist, speed is a big concern for me. Considering the Pro-2006 has a scanning speed of 25-30 cps I can't see going for a slower scanning speed. Even on my 286/12 which I normally run Probe on I achieved a faster scan rate with Probe then the other programs running on my 486/100. Probe uses a feature of the OptoScan interface called "pipelined tuning" to achieved its speed. The scanning speed is one of the many reasons I run Probe.
....Steve Hancock, N3FWE